18 Things You Should Never Say To A Bostonian

We don’t all have that accent.

1. “Say, ‘Park the car in Harvard Yard.’”


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2. “But wait. You don’t have the accent!”

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Along with a lot of other Bostonians, FYI.

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3. “I don’t know how you deal with all those blizzards and freezing temperatures!”

We were born for this!

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4. “Well, I’m sure the summer temperatures are fine.”

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5. “Are you a Red Sox fan?”

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6. “The Pats had a rough season, huh?”

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Too soon.

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7. “Peyton Manning is a better quarterback than Tom Brady.”

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Did you even watch the Super Bowl?

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8. “Why does everything close so early? Where I’m from, clubs and bars don’t close until at least 4 AM!”

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Cool story, bro.

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9. “Why are there so many rotaries and roundabouts??”

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10. “It’s nearly impossible to drive around here.”

If you knew how to drive you wouldn’t be complaining, TBH.

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11. “Your road rage is out of control. You need help.”

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12. “You should smile more.”

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13. “Have you ever seen Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, or Mark Wahlberg before?”

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Yes, actually, I have. Because they just love to frolic around Beantown, carefree, like the rest of us.

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14. “There aren’t any cool landmarks here.”

joaopedroptf.tumblr.com / Via ABC Family

What, does Fenway Park not ring a bell?

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15. “New York City is better.”

I dare you. I double dog dare you. I TRIPLE dog dare you!

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16. “Sucks that your public transit stops running at 1 AM.”

modernette.ca / Via MTV
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17. “Are you from ‘Boston-Boston’ or ‘Boston’?”

sportsgif.com / Via VH1

(i.e. “Are you really from Boston or are you from the outskirts?”)

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18. And “Boston is TOO small.”

Well, you DO have the option of exploring another city. But Boston is the best, so why would you?

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