The 10 Most Humiliating Public Dares Imaginable

Farting. Wretching. Yelling at people. No-one really wants to do any of it in public—but when it happens, it’s hilarious, or at least extremely uncomfortable. Check out ten of the most humiliating things to dare people to do in public, and then watch “Impractical Jokers,” a new series premiering tonight at 10p/9c on truTV.

1. Smell random, unsuspecting people.

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2. Asking where nonsensical, bizarre items are at a store.

ID: 51325

3. Working as a cashier, where your friends dictate what you have to say to “get tips.”

ID: 51323

4. Competing with a “free hugs” guy, with $2.00 hugs.

ID: 51338

5. Farting in a theater… and publicly owning up to it.

ID: 51359

6. Make people in Times Square feel as uncomfortable as possible.

ID: 51354

7. Tripping and falling, repeatedly, at restaurants.

ID: 51363

8. Lock two customers in a car trunk… and try to sell them the car anyway.

ID: 51490

9. Throw a celebration for a sex shop’s “one-millionth” customer.

ID: 51494

10. Ask everyone at a restaurant to bring you toilet paper.

ID: 51489

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