49 Places You Don’t Want To Find Your Cat

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Cats are mischievous troublemakers, eager to explore their surroundings. On occasion, though, curiosity gets the best of them and they work themselves into tight spots. Here then are 49 kitties that are out of their element.

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1. Contorted between window blinds.

ID: 885210

2. In a Christmas tree.

ID: 884891

3. On top of your precious wax…

I can haz nap on vinyl records?

ID: 884850

4. …or the 1’s and the 2’s.

ID: 885015

5. Helmeted with bread? Helmeted with bread!

ID: 884945

6. The author’s cat, Arthur, assesses his options in the fridge: pizza or bacon?

ID: 884855

7. Behind the steering wheel.

ID: 884962


ID: 884967

8. On an elevated garage door.

ID: 884883

9. Huddled near an open flame on the stove top!

ID: 884969

10. Running the basepaths.

ID: 884999

11. Jockeying some manner of fuzzy Russian sheep.

ID: 884978

12. Rooting around the pantry.

ID: 884988

13. Relaxing in the beer cooler.

ID: 884990

14. Blanketed by a taco shell, floating aimlessly through the cosmos.

ID: 885010

15. Anywhere near this guy…

ID: 885033
ID: 885036

16. High places, especially those of the prickly variety.

ID: 885037

17. On keyboards or computers.

ID: 885058

I can’t even deal with this little guy.

ID: 885126

18. At Ikea.

ID: 885065

19. Snuggling next to a bottle of Vodka.

ID: 885097

21. Riding shotgun on a motorcycle.

ID: 885141

22. At the archery range.

ID: 885118

23. At the movie theater.

ID: 885156

24. At an ’80s revival.

ID: 885160

25. At werk, stressing the rat race.

ID: 885165

26. On top of Morgan Freeman.

ID: 885181

27. In a wine glass — in particular, YOUR wine glass.

ID: 885183

28. In the bathtub with their S.O.

ID: 885186

29. In close proximity to fax machines.

ID: 885197

30. At — nay, ON the breakfast table.

ID: 885215

31. Training with the X-Men at Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

ID: 885218

32. Hanging on the edge.

ID: 885222

33. Straddling the towel rack.

ID: 885224

34. Stuck inside a single-serving yogurt cup.

ID: 885226

35. Affixed to the wall, doing its best Spider-Cat impersonation.

ID: 885239

37. In your checked luggage. Poor buddy…

ID: 885334

38. Shooting portraits with your new digi.

ID: 885342

39. In the tailpipe…

ID: 885345

40. …or curled around a wheel well.

ID: 887466

41. Coming through the kitchen window!

ID: 887407

42. Peering out of pumpkin jail…

ID: 887377

43. …or smuggling contraband into a Brazilian prison at the behest of the inmates.

ID: 887489

The aforementioned contraband, found strapped to kitty’s underbelly.

ID: 887491

45. …or the fish tank.

ID: 887920

46. Sleeping in the toilet? Ewww.

ID: 887573

47. Suspended upside down from a drawcord!

ID: 887567

48. In a war zone.

ID: 887604

49. Inside this plastic bag. Curiosity 1, Cat 0.

ID: 887677

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