32 Famous Felines As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Two of the internet’s great loves — cats and 8-bit art — come together in a beautiful new print. All of the pixelated kitty power to graphic designers Eurydyka Kata and Rafal Szczawinski of re:design.

1. How many of these iconic cats — culled mostly from cartoons but also literature and Internet memes — can you identify?

Stumped? See a full list of the cats here.

ID: 2876429

2. Here’s what this will look like on your wall.

Shut up and take my money: prints available at Society 6!

ID: 2876434

3. Take a closer look at some of the individual entries, embedded below.

ID: 2876882

5. Cheshire Cat (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

ID: 2876457

6. The Pink Panther

ID: 2876466

7. Sylvester (Looney Tunes)

ID: 2876462

8. Tom Cat (Tom And Jerry)

ID: 2876710

9. Schrödinger’s Cat

ID: 2876748

10. And now I’m dead: the designers have extended the project’s depth by giving it a Lego twist. MIND = BLOWN!

ID: 2876942

See more of the Lego renderings here, here, and here.

ID: 2876962

[H/T DesignBoom]

ID: 2876987

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