28 Tiny Animals That I Want To Put In My Pocket

Cute things come in small packages, and I have the pictures to prove it. Add yours in the comments below!

1. Overwhelmed with the modern condition, this Philippine Tarsier holds on for dear life.

Source: Flickr

2. #teamfigparrot

Source: ZooBorns

3. Which came first, the bunny or the egg?


4. Here’s a tiny sea turtle…

Source: Tiny Animals On Fingers

5. …followed by a tiny regular turtle.

Source: ZooBorns

6. The smallest octopi species on record, the Octopus Wolfi.

Source: Listverse

7. This is your gratuitously cute sloth entry.

Source: Tiny Animals On Fingers

8. Meanwhile, this little guy is otterly adorable.

Source: BuzzFeed

9. I’m just gonna leave this here.

Source: Hooray, Tiny Animals!


Source: Metro

11. Fact: Baby armadillos are adorbs.

Source: Flickr

12. One lizard ring to rule them all…

Source: Tiny Animals On Fingers

13. And not a single hoot was given.

Source: Tumblr

14. I can haz kitteh in pahket?

Source: Izismile

16. Here’s a smiling squirrel monkey getting bottle-fed, NBD.

Source: ZooBorns

17. Allergies: activated.

Photo: Andrea Zampatti | Source: The Daily Mail

18. Better not overlook this lemur.

Source: ZooBorns

19. Or this duo.

Source: Pinterest

20. I don’t even know what this is. (But I like it.)

Source: Hooray, Tiny Animals!

21. This, on the other hand, is a dendropsophus ebraccatus, or you know, hourglass tree frog.

Source: Cute Overload

22. “You volunteered for this?”

Source: Hooray, Tiny Animals!

23. Go home, Hedgie, you’re drunk.

Source: Hooray, Tiny Animals!

24. Go home, Hedgie, you’re drunk. (Redux)

Source: Hooray, Tiny Animals!

25. Note to self: more sugar gliders.

Source: Tiny Animals On Fingers

26. Froggle on the ogle.

Source: Tiny Animals On Fingers

27. And we have our winners, thanks for playing everyone.

Source: Flickr

28. Now about that pocket thing…

Source: Hooray, Tiny Animals!

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