9 Things That Happen When The President Takes A Walk

“The bear is loose!”

1. First of all, he doesn’t walk so much as he struts.

Work that runway, Obeezy.

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2. You get wished a happy birthday in the suavest, most presidential way ever.

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3. Handshakes. Lots and tons of handshakes.

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“Special White House M&Ms.” I bet they taste like freedom.

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5. People go nuts and start yelling all kinds of random combinations of patriotic words.

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6. People wonder if the president is actually the president.

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7. Pictures!

So many pictures!

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8. Your workout gets interrupted.

“You could be running in place right now,” says Obama.

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9. Basically everything gets interrupted.

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One more time, for good measure, #DatStrut.

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Watch the full video below.

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