16 Bed Sheets That Need To Be Stopped

#StopBedSheets2014. NSFW!

1. This bed sheet is completely out of control.

2. These are running amuck.

Baptiste Giabiconi / Via

3. This sheet isn’t particularly interested in your personal happiness.

Courtesy DeAndre Lemans / Via Facebook: DeAndreLEMANS

4. This man is laying down because that sheet punched him in the face for no reason.

Marko Cibukovac / Via Facebook: Cib.PhotographerModel


5. While we’re at it, comforters are pretty awful, too.

Rick Day / Via

6. This comforter and this mug need to hold hands and kick rocks together.

Scott Inno / Via

Kick rocks right to the edge of the earth.

7. This comforter is a clear and obvious supporter of the sheet agenda.

Scott Inno / Via

8. This comforter was spotted at a sheet’s rights rally just last week.

Scott Inno / Via

9. Anyway, back to the tyranny of the sheet.

Joan Crisol / Via Facebook: joancrisolphoto

10. This sheet followed this guy all the way to the beach just to ruin his vacation.

11. These sheets once stole my wallet and helped me look for it afterward.

Scott Inno / Via

12. This sheet won the Hater of the Year award 4 years in a row.

Don Benjamin / Via


Gregory Nalbone / Via

14. Okay wait, this guy probably really needs this sheet.

Mark Grantham / Via

15. But this sheet can go DIRECTLY to hell.

Que Dong / Via Instagram: @queduong

16. Ban sheets.

Ban all of the sheets.

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