The Best And Worst US Cities For Commuting

Some cities were built for driving, but some cities (like those started when the horse and buggy was all the rage) are a commuting nightmare. Take a look at some of the best and worst cities to get around in, or make it easier with the city-friendly Prius c.

Based on average cost per year.

2. Providence-New Bedford-Fall River (R.I.-Mass.)

3. Richmond, VA

4. Buffalo-Niagara Falls, N.Y.

5. Cleveland, OH

6. Rochester, NY

7. Columbus, OH

8. Cincinnati, OH

9. Kansas City, MO

10. Louisville, KY

11. Hartford, CT

Based on average cost per year.

13. Seattle, WA

14. Miami, FL

15. Tucson, AZ

16. Raleigh, NC

17. Dallas, TX

18. San Jose, CA

19. Phoenix, AZ

20. Oxnard, CA

21. Bridgeport, CT

22. Austin, TX

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