10 Accessories You Should Never Put On Your Car

There are plenty of customizations that really enhance a car’s features. Unfortunately, here are 10 that do just the opposite. And for embarrassment free driving, there’s the all new Prius c.

1. A Mustache

Because your car is one thing that doesn’t need facial hair.

2. Panties

Your vehicle is probably better off going commando.

3. Bullet Holes


4. Metallic Paint

Enough said.

5. Ridiculous Spoilers

For when you really need your car to take flight.

6. Unnecessary Exhausts

When five just isn’t enough…..

7. Obnoxious Hood Ornaments

Just say no. Your car will thank you.

8. Bumper Sticker Overkill

It’s great that you’re passionate about your beliefs! But when you feel the need to reduce your visibility by completely covering your windows, it’s safe to say you’ve got a problem.

9. Spinners

The most expensive way to cause an accident.

10. Stuffed Animal Decorations

Everyone knows you don’t really need to be able to see out of your rear window.

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