6 Gifs That Will Convince You Maths Is Beautiful

All images are from the new app Incredible Numbers by Professor Ian Stewart

1. The Pattern of The Primes

When you arrange all the numbers in a spiral grid, and highlight the primes, a fascinating pattern appears. This is the Ulam Spiral.

2. The Sunflower Spiral

Only with an angle of 137.508 do you get the most beautiful (and efficient) pattern. It does look good spinning though.

3. Regular Polygons

How to draw a perfect pentagon in 2 seconds!

4. Maths and Music

There’s some beautiful maths behind the sound of a theremin, but it explains why the thing sounds so awful.

5. Finding Factors

Numbers explode. See each number split into its prime factorisation.

6. The Enigma Machine

Tap the keys and watch the enigma dance.

Find out more about Incredible Numbers by Professor Ian Stewart

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