25 Things That Are Totally Biased

Life would be much better off if people would be upfront about their biases! Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, a new late night comedy series, from executive producer Chris Rock, dissects politics, pop culture, race, religion, the media and sex – all with a hilarious spin! Catch the Totally Biased Series, Thursdays at 11PM ET, only on FX.

7. This headline about Occupy Wallstreet

8. This search auto-population on black people

9. This search auto-population on white people

10. This search auto-population on Pat Buchanan

13. This book store sign

14. Another book store sign

15. And another book store sign!

16. This store display

17. Who ever decided these foods were healthy

18. They definitely weren’t coordinating with the guy who set this up

19. Who ever decided this was a good idea

21. The person that made this sign

22. Fox News

23. Fox News again

24. Again, Fox News (and Sponge Bob!)

25. And this guy

Inspired by W. Kamau Bell’s new late night comedy show produced by Chris Rock, “Totally Biased.”

Who is W. Kamau Bell? He’s a smart, witty, subversive, and totally biased comedian with a new sketch show on FX. The show will discuss topics like politics, pop culture, race, religion, and media, and will feature his commentary along with features from other contributors and sketch comedy. Curious to see more? From executive producer Chris Rock, catch the late night comedy “Totally Biased” on Thursdays at 11PM ET.

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