18 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Are Perfect For Each Other

Just get married and have gorgeous babies, already!

1. 1. He thinks she’s awesome

2. 2. The feeling is mutual!

3. 3. He thinks she’s hilarious

(We totes agree!)

4. 4. She laughs at his jokes

(While wearing Dior, obvi)

5. 5. His mom loves her

Mom. approval. is. EVERYTHING.

6. 6. Her mom loves him


7. 7. They try to play it cool

You aren’t fooling anyone, Bradley!

8. 8. She has to snag a hug when she wins

Girl, we would too!

10. 10. Obvi, he makes her weak in the knees


11. 11. She thanks him in her speech

12. 12. And his reaction is ADORBS

13. 13. They always look great together

14. 14. They can’t keep their hands off of each other

15. …but we don’t blame you!

16. 15. They finish each other’s sentences

17. 16. They’ve done two movies together…with a third on the way!

19. 17. I mean, it just makes sense.

20. 18. aaaaaaand because this pic happened.


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