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    • toreeey

      I have considered myself an artist since I started shooting at 13, I was considered good for my age because I was taking risks and shooting things people weren’t at my age, then my talent caught up with my age and I. Became irrelevant, adrift and lost in a sea of twenty something photographers doing the same thing I was suddenly. I constantly feel like I’m drowning trying to grab my market before anyone else does and I always feel like I fall short behind someone else, I woke up to another rejection letter today but instead of feeling like hope was lost a part of me felt hope, that it may not be my time now but one day it will, I just have to keep working harder and putting my work out there more and taking risks in order for someone to fall in love with my work the way I do creating it. Sometimes I just want to go back to school for photo journalism like I dreamt so long ago at 19, but I have a child now and I’m married in Germany. Sometimes I question if I went the right path, dropping out college to have a child, but then I remember how my work I make, makes me feel and I remember that’s what matters…