Spirit Airlines Plays On Obama Selfie Meme At Mandela Memorial

Spirit, the Florida-based airline notorious for its low airfares and lowbrow marketing stunts, riffs on President Obama’s viral selfie photos from Nelson Mandela’s memorial.

Look familiar?

Via http://spirit.com

President Obama was seen taking a selfie photo with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and British Prime Minister David Cameron at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela on Monday.

In the photo, First Lady Michelle Obama looks on, seemingly in disapproval of the world leaders. The photo and subsequent pictures quickly went viral on Monday.

On Twitter, a narrative was born in which a jealous Michelle Obama throws shade at her husband and the Danish leader.

While timely and tapping into the meme, not everyone agrees with the riff.

Oh Spirit Airlines, what are your #marketing people doing?! GAH! I understand the importance of… http://t.co/8EkQWCLEHf

— Victoria D. Williams (@vickyd04)

Things like the Spirit Airlines promo make me want to try starting a "Hell No" consultancy.

— Jayson Shenk (@JaysonShenk)

The person in charge of the Spirit Airlines emails should either get a raise, or fired based on sensitivity to topical events.

— elizabeth schaefer (@lizbetharoo)

Spirit Airlines goes there

— Igor Bobic (@igorbobic)

When contacted by BuzzFeed regarding the ad, the company issued the following statement:

Spirit spøkesman, Jørgen Jørgensen, stated: “I have been proud to work with Spirit in its unending quest for løw færës.”

This is not the first time Spirit has tapped in to political buzz. Last month, the airline took a jab at crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in a similar promotion.

@igorbobic This is still my favorite spirit promotion.

— Chris O'Driscoll (@topherod)

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