Many More Same-Sex Couples Rush To Marry In Utah

Some Utah county clerks opened their doors Monday, allowing same-sex couples to receive marriage licenses in what could be a brief window before a court hearing to consider the state’s emergency appeal to halt the marriages.

In several counties throughout Utah, dozens of same-sex couples were able to marry Monday, following a federal court ruling late last week striking down the state’s ban on equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.

One of the couples legally married today at the Salt Lake Co. Courthouse @KeithManleyjr #utpol

— 24saltlake (@24 Salt Lake)

Everyone - city employees, officiators, couples - hurrying, want to complete as many marriages as possible #utpol

— McKenzieRomero (@McKenzie Romero)

County clerks across the state opened their doors at 8 a.m. MT to long lines of same-sex couples waiting.

DOORS OPEN AT SLCO! Huge line of gay couples erupt in screams of joy. #utpol #gaymarriage

— EricEthington (@Eric Ethington)

Weber county is open!

— EqualityUtah (@Equality Utah)

Some counties opened for business slightly early.

Washington County commissioner open his doors early.issuing licenses today. Please share this post with anyone u know in the st George area

— EqualityUtah (@Equality Utah)

Several counties did not issue marriage licenses, according to reports.

The #Utah Co. Clerk's Office says it is waiting for legal opinion from county attorney. @fox13now #utpol #LGBT #Amendment3

— BenWinslow (@Ben Winslow)

Couple drove from Millard Co. where theu were earlier denied. @sltrib

— donaldwmeyers (@Donald W. Meyers)

Box Elder has had no gay couples attempt to get a license but Clerk wouldn't give if they tried. Two sheriffs stand near doors. #utpol

— mattcanham (@Matt Canham)

Cache County Clerk’s Office closes, no marriages for same-sex couples via @hjnews

— chimerakim (@Kim Burgess)

Updated map of which counties in Utah said they will issue marriage license to same-sex couples at this time.

— hunterschwarz (@Hunter Schwarz)

Same-sex couples camped overnight outside in some places so they could be the first to receive marriage licenses when the doors opened.

Same-sex couple in line at the clerk's office 11 hours before it opens, 12 before the hearing

— fox13now (@FOX 13 NOW)

MT @fox13now: Lne of #Utah couples seeking same-sex marriage before hearing on #Amendment3

— BenWinslow (@Ben Winslow)

Cold couples setting up heaters outside county Clerk's office. MT @sltrib: #gaymarriage

— EricEthington (@Eric Ethington)

Equality Utah, an LGBT rights group, warned that the window in which same-sex couples could marry might be short, pending a 9 a.m. MT court hearing on the state’s appeal to halt the marriages.

The organization advised couples to print out and complete the application form ahead of arriving at the clerk’s office and to pay in cash to make the process quicker.

“Worst case scenario we will only have 1 hour in which marriages can be performed by the respective county clerks,” Equality Utah said on its Facebook page.

"Time is of the essence, we don't know how much time we will have. County Clerks offices open at 8am Mon morning."

— hunterschwarz (@Hunter Schwarz)

Hundreds of couples lined up outside county clerk offices in Salt Lake County and Washington County ahead of the doors opening at 8 a.m. MT.

Unbelievable. SL County clerk opens in 9 mins and line for marriage licenses wraps through the building #utpol

— McKenzieRomero (@McKenzie Romero)

The line for marriages this morning in Salt Lake City wraps around two floors #gaymarriage #marriageequality

— jimmycdii (@Jim Dalrymple II)

About a dozen couples in line at #washco clerks for #gaymarriage licenses #utpol

— SpectrumDeMille (@David DeMille)

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