10 Signs You Are Obsessed With "Sailor Moon"

Moon Fandom Heart Attack!

1. You fangirl over ANYTHING Sailor Moon related.

Universal Pictures / Illumination Entertainment / Via ustream.tv
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2. You have a favorite Sailor Moon movie that you watch over and over.

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3. You own at least one of the English or Japanese soundtracks.

http://SailorMusic / Via SailorMusic.net
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4. You like watching Sailor Moon YouTube fan covers like this one.

Animenz Piano sheetz / Via youtube.com
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5. You think that the Outer Senshi theme is the best transformation/attack theme ever.

YouTube / Via youtube.com

Sorry, Sailor Moon. I’m happy for ya and I’mma let you finish.

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6. You think that Haruka and Michiru are one of the best anime lesbian couples ever.

Toei Animation / Via rebloggy.com
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7. You heart the beauty of the Sailor Moon manga artwork.

sailormoonartbooks.com / Via SailorMoonArtBooks

To view more, visit this website here.

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8. You’ve read lots of action-packed Sailor Moon fan fiction.

Toei Animation / Via vteck.tumblr.com

Moon Fanfiction Halation!

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9. You reminiscence about the days you rushed home from school to watch the show.

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10. You are super excited for the Sailor Moon remake coming this July!

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