The Internet Has A Lot Of Emotions About Matt Smith’s Final “Doctor Who” Episode

These emotions are mixed, but a lot involve crying. Note: This post contains many, many spoilers.

1. There are a lot of emotions on the internet right now.

5. It was Matt Smith’s last epsiode, you see.

Regenerations are always traumatic.

16. Other things happened before the emotions came, though. There was the bit where Matt Smith was naked.

17. Also the bit where Matt Smith was bald.

22. We got a philosophical take on how our personal histories shape us.


25. Then this happened.


26. It definitely happened.

27. And all of the emotions came flooding out.

28. (Congrats to the BBC Wig Department, though.)

29. The bow tie went.

The bow tie was cool.

31. And then…



33. And forget about new teeth. This Doctor has more pressing biological matters on his mind.

35. Also, a slight amnesia problem.

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