Tesco Has An Inflatable Gay Man On Its Website

Not even a sex toy, weirdly.

1. We’re pretty confident this is the weirdest thing on Tesco’s website.

We have a few… observations about this product.

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2. Like, why is “gay” a swearword?

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3. The product description reads like someone who’s gone mad after getting trapped in the chick lit section of Waterstones for three weeks.

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4. Especially the bit about its “smiling, Gary Lineker-esque face”.

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5. The suggested age range is… um.

Oh god, everything they told us about the sinister gay conspiracy to indoctrinate our children was true.

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6. Still, I’m convinced. I would definitely like to buy this inflatable g*y best friend.

Oh, boooooo.

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7. Dammit.

@julesmattsson @journodave @jessbrammar It was 'withdrawn from sale' a couple of months ago apparently

— Felicity Morse (@FelicityMorse)

Felicity Morse


@julesmattsson @journodave @jessbrammar It was ‘withdrawn from sale’ a couple of months ago apparently

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8. You massive spoilsports, Tesco. Pitchforks down, everybody :-(

First mental patients, now this. Who the fuck is signing off on this shit? @Tesco http://t.co/8RkVy80tF7

— Shaun (@OhShaun)



First mental patients, now this. Who the fuck is signing off on this shit? @Tesco http://t.co/8RkVy80tF7

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Shocking! '#Tesco selling inflatable '#gay best friend' to 'bitch' with you http://t.co/dAxRX0jKQB'

— Gay Star News (@gaystarnews)

Gay Star News


Shocking! ‘#Tesco selling inflatable ‘#gay best friend’ to ‘bitch’ with you http://t.co/dAxRX0jKQB’

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10. Although Tesco seem to have a slightly different definition of “removed from our website” to everyone else.

ID: 1709430

And that thing where “gay” is a swearword is still pretty weird, guys.

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12. But in case you’re sad that you can’t buy an inflatable gay best friend any more… don’t worry! Amazon still sell them.

Well, for the time being.

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— David Morgan (@thisisdavid)

David Morgan



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Hat-tips to Jules Mattsson and Felicity Morse.

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