Read A Tory Politician’s Incredible Response To The Daily Mail

Tory councillor and businessman Nigel Fletcher was asked if he wanted to advertise with the Daily Mail. This was his reply.

1. Nigel Fletcher is the deputy leader of the Conservatives on Greenwich Council and a former policy adviser for the Tory party.

He also runs a think tank. Today, he wrote this response to the Daily Mail’s suggestion his business would like to buy advertising with them.

As a gay businessman who works with an values immigrants and ethnic minorities, and believes in grown-up political debate that rejects the personal attacks of the gutter, I think I will decline the offer.

The Mail is once again the centre of controversy after it ran an article attacking Ralph Miliband - the dead father of Labour leader Ed Miliband - as “The Man Who Hated Britain”.

As Ed Miliband pointed out in a response printed in the Mail, his father was a Jewish refugee who fled to Britain to escape the Nazis, and served in the Royal Navy in World War II.

The Mail refused to apologise, instead reprinting the original article and running an editorial alongside it claiming that Ralph Miliband had “an evil legacy”.

5. Fletcher added a short time later, after his tweet became popular:

6. Also, just FYI chaps:

Oh, and I'm currently single. #FormAnOrderlyQueue

— nigelfletcher (@Nigel Fletcher)

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