Everything You Need To Know About The England Vs. Italy Match

Yes, we lost. But still.

2. The BBC got us in the mood with… whatever this was.


5. While Steven Gerrard was full of enthusiasm for our national anthem.

8. In their defence, it really did look in.

17. Then Italy scored. Obviously.

19. But then England actually scored!

Warren Little / Getty Images

20. There were wild celebrations. This dance.

21. In fact the celebrations were so wild that our physio got injured and had to be stretchered off with a dislocated ankle..

23. Classic England tactics.

24. Poor Gary Lewin :-(

30. Everything was evenly balanced.

34. And then shortly after the match started again, Mario Balotelli scored for Italy.

Elsa / Getty Images

35. …and Twitter looked like this again.

36. Joe Hart decided to pretend to be a football too.

Pool / Getty Images

38. Italy started rubbing it in a bit by offering to act as England’s replacement physio.


40. Wayne Rooney took literally the worst corner in the history of corners, which kind of summed up how things were going.

45. And in the end, there was no way back.

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