Scotland On Instagram Vs Scotland In Reality

Beware the feral goats.

1. Scottish wildlife on Instagram.

Scottish wildlife in reality.

2. Scottish dining on Instagram.

Scottish dining in reality.

3. Scottish water on Instagram.

Scottish water in reality.

4. Scottish railways on Instagram.

Scottish railways in reality.

5. The top of Arthur’s Seat on Instagram.

The top of Arthur’s Seat in reality.

6. Scottish snow on Instagram.

Scottish snow in reality.

7. Scottish celebrations on Instagram.

Scottish celebrations in reality.

8. The Scottish art scene on Instagram.

The Scottish art scene in reality.

9. Scottish agriculture on Instagram

Scottish agriculture in reality.

10. The Scottish landcsape on Instagram.

The Scottish landscape in reality.

11. The Isle of Skye on Instagram.

The Isle of Skye in reality.

12. Scottish mist on Instagram.

Scottish mist in reality.

Flickr: selkovjr / Creative Commons

13. St. Andrews University on Instagram.

St. Andrews University in reality.

14. Scottish signs on Instagram.

Scottish signs in reality.

15. Shetland on Instagram.

Shetland in reality.

16. Scottish romance on Instagram.

Scottish romance in reality.

17. Scottish statues on Instagram.

Scottish statues in reality.

Keith Edkins / Creative Commons / Via

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