A Mysterious Postbox Just Appeared In The Middle Of A River

Even Uri Geller is baffled.

1. For some reason, a postbox has appeared on a bridge in the middle of the river in Sonning-on-Thames, Berkshire.

Nobody seems entirely sure who put it there - although it seems to have been added around a week ago. You can’t actually post letters in it, because it’s a) just a dummy, and b) in the middle of a river.

2. The Royal Mail have denied the postbox is anything to do with them.

“The recent appearance of a postbox frontage on the side of the river bridge at Sonning is a mystery to us,” a Royal Mail spokesperson told the BBC. “It is certainly not an operational posting facility and we have no knowledge of how it arrived at this location.”

4. Here is a picture of Uri Geller pointing in confusion at the postbox.

Uri Geller / twitpic.com

5. Although he did hazard this not-terribly-helpful guess:

“It could be the work of mischievous child queen Isabella who still weeps in the river for her luckless Richard the second.”

6. Of note: you can buy or rent Royal Mail postboxes on eBay.

Everybody should buy one, go out and stick it up in an unusual place. Together we can make “postboxing” a hot new trend.

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