19 People Who Haven’t Quite Worked Doors Out Yet

Apparently this is harder than it looks.

1. This man.

ID: 2399668

2. This woman.

ID: 2394744

3. This shoplifter.

Via ITN / youtube.com
ID: 2394414

4. This cop.

ID: 2394203

5. This dog.

ID: 2394452

6. Justin Bieber.

ID: 2399733

7. Also Justin Bieber.

ID: 2399732

8. To be fair, doors can be very confusing and scary.

ID: 2399613

9. Sometimes doors are actually out to get you.

ID: 2394167

10. Sometimes doors are not doors at all which is a sneaky trick.

ID: 2394175

11. You need to work up the courage to tackle them.

ID: 2394428

12. Or… not.

ID: 2394156

13. Sometimes you have your mind on other things, like how you just lost lots of money at the casino.

ID: 2399612

14. Or whether you’re going to post that letter before the last collection.

ID: 2399717

15. Sometimes doors are just too clean and see-through for their own good.

ID: 2399611

16. But sometimes they have really obvious frosting on them which let’s be honest should have tipped you off. That’s an important lesson.

ID: 2399620

17. And don’t try to use doors where there wouldn’t normally be any doors, for example under a swimming pool.

ID: 2399669

18. Again, guys, look for the frosting.

ID: 2399701

19. But the main lesson is: don’t be this guy.

ID: 2394149

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