The Printers Are Becoming Self-Aware

This Sunday, printers spontaneously started printing mysterious symbols. Does that mean the printer uprising is upon us? It’s entirely possible.

1. It started with a string of symbols, ominously popping out of a random printer.

ID: 529967

2. Then another…

ID: 530091

3. …and another…

ID: 530097

4. …and another, all within the space of an hour.

ID: 530099

5. Some of the characters seemed to point to SQL injection, a kind of malware. Most printers have little to no security, so it would be easy for hackers to slip in. But then why print random characters?

ID: 529973

6. The only thing the printers had in common was a certain networking setup.

ID: 530108

7. Also, the printers wouldn’t go into sleep mode, which seemed like a bad sign.

ID: 529979

The best guess, made by a Hacker News commenter, didn’t really suggest malicious activity. He proposed that a loose port scanner had stumbled onto the printer’s JetDirect port, and the mysterious string of characters was just the scanner’s automatic network query. A security flaw, for sure, but nothing to call the feds about.

But be careful when you’re loading toner, just in case.

ID: 530065

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