14 Google Products That Are Also Metal Bands

Strangely, “Crisis Response” is not one of them.

1. Chrome

As a bonus, their greatest hits album is titled Chrome Box.

ID: 332708

2. Earth

Pioneers of both drone-doom and geospatial topography.

ID: 332776

3. Droid

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Technically it’s Motorola, but close enough.

ID: 332737

4. Zeitgeist

Google’s annual trend report has inspired at least four metal bands, including this one from Austria.

ID: 332753

5. Nexus

One of Google’s least successful products is also one of its least satisfying metal bands.

ID: 332770

6. Latitude

A Foursquare-style mobile app and the sludge metal quintet behind 2009’s Agonist.

ID: 332762

7. Drive

An early-90s hair metal band, of course.

ID: 332808

8. Io

Currently active in Belgium, and completely unaffiliated with Google I/O.

ID: 332817

9. Aardvark

Google’s defunct social search platform lives on in this German thrash metal outfit. Lyrical themes are listed as “personal” and “hate.”

ID: 332824

10. Moon

Both the band and the application map the surface of the moon, but in very different ways.

ID: 332842

11. Alert

A straight-edge Belorussian band signed to the Extreme Brutal Sound label.

ID: 332853

12. Scholar

Both an academic database and the band behind such hits as “Would You Like Lies With That?” and “Zombies At My Manhood.”

ID: 333657

13. X

Technically more punk than metal, but Google X was more of a labs project, so it evens out.

ID: 332864

14. Glass

We can only hope Project Glass turns out better than this.

ID: 332877

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