Nicki Minaj Freaks Out And Walks Away From Judges Table

Finally, after plenty of hype, viewers finally get to see why Nicki Minaj freaked out and stormed off the Idol set — it’s “a country thing.”


3. So the judges got into a country music debate. Nicki wasn’t feeling it.

4. Nicki felt Mariah and Randy were picking the singer apart:

5. Isn’t that what judges are supposed to do? Anyways…

6. Things got awkward for the contestant.

7. Mariah and Randy claimed they were just trying to help.

8. At which point Nicki freaked out…

9. “Maybe I should get off the f—ing panel.”

10. And stormed off…

11. And before we forget, the girl, Summer Cummingham, made it to Hollywood.

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