K.Stew Needs To Buy Some New Clothes

Seriously, stop wearing your ex’s garb! It isn’t helping. You made over 34 million dollars last year, go buy a new dress and give Rob his stuff back.

1. Kristen at LAX yesterday. Hmm… that tee looks familiar.

FameFlynet Pictures
ID: 566485

2. Where have I seen it before?

FameFlynet Pictures
ID: 566487

3. Oh yeah, it’s Rob’s. Remember, you stole it from him before you broke his heart.

INF Photo
ID: 566499

4. And we didn’t forget about this from last month.

FameFlynet Pictures
ID: 566486

5. His hat and backpack! We understand your pain, but really, you need your own wardrobe. Don’t forget, YOU’RE A STAR!

FameFlynet Pictures
ID: 566576

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