"Kick-Ass" Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Suits Up For "GQ"

The 23-year-old shows that he’s all grown up for the September Issue spread shot by Nathaniel Goldberg.

1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson was always a heartthrob.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images
ID: 1517537

2. Just look at how adorable he was with Chloe Moretz when they filmed the first Kick-Ass

Florian Seefried / Getty Images
ID: 1517529

3. He got a bit older and was still hot.

ID: 1517531

4. Even when he got a scruffy and tried to look like Johnny Depp.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
ID: 1517539

5. Even here, next to his wife wearing a weird hat, he still looks cute.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
ID: 1517556

6. But now, he is all grownup and we’re loving it.

Nathaniel Goldberg / GQ / Via gq.com
ID: 1517518

7. Wow.

Nathaniel Goldberg / GQ / Via gq.com
ID: 1517517

8. Like a fine wine, he just keeps getting better with age.

Nathaniel Goldberg / GQ / Via gq.com
ID: 1517516

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