Andy Cohen Talks Sex And Tighty-Whities In Wendy Williams’ Hot Seat

Plus, Andy finally reveals if Danielle Staub is returning to RHONJ

1. Yesterday, Andy Cohen stopped by The Wendy Williams Show.

ID: 1100566

2. He decided to play Wendy’s new game: The Hot Seat. Here’s what Wendy asked Mr. Bravo.

ID: 1100651

3. 40 DEGREE QUESTION: Boxers or tighty-whities?

ID: 1100640

4. 60 DEGREE QUESTION: After a night of passion, do you kick ‘em to the curb or stay and spoon?

ID: 1100643

5. 80 DEGREE QUESTION: Andy Cohen, have you ever taken a dip in the lady pond?

ID: 1100644

6. 100 DEGREE QUESTION: When’s the last time you had sex?

ID: 1100646

7. Watch the whole clip to find out if Danielle Staub is returning to RHONJ.

Spoiler: She isn’t.

ID: 1100568

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