Smize Vs. Smize - Tyra Or Kitten?

Still waiting for cycle 1 of America’s Next Top Kitten…

1. Contender #1: Kitten

The Pet Collective / Via

Kitten: Wilbur (female, 6 weeks old)
Star of the upcoming series, “The Litter” and “Space Kittens” on The Pet Collective on the YouTubes. Swing over and subscribe for more adorable things like this.

ID: 292778

2. Contender #2: Tyra

TeamCoco / Via

Model: Tyra
Invented the Smize, and generally fabulous.
Choose wisely and don’t forget…she is the master!

ID: 292780

3. Cleveland’s Next Top Model

Atomic Wedgie TV / Via

While you’re waiting for cycle 1 of America’s Next Top Kitten (like I am), you will probably enjoy this series as much as I do. No Smizes though.

ID: 292781

Vote for your favorite smize below!

ID: 292783

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