Shirtless Abercrombie Models More Ridiculous Than The Situation

Earlier today Abercrombie & Fitch claimed they were willing to pay The Situation to stop wearing their clothes. This seemed pretty weird because they’ve been paying guys with six-packs just like The Situation to wear their clothes shirtless for years.

1. At Least The Situation Buttons His Pants

ID: 4469

2. “Just Hanging Out, About To Grope Myself” - This Guy

ID: 4470

3. Star QB Of The Shirtless Beach Football League

ID: 4471

4. Going Shirtless Is Soooo Vintage

ID: 4472

5. “I Could Wear This Shirt Or I Could Even Put It Down Because Holding It Is Kind Of Annoying, But I’d Rather Drape It Over My Naked Shoulder And Have You Take A Picture Of Me” - This Guy

ID: 4473

6. That Pun Is Hot

ID: 4474

7. Hanging Out With Their Smiles Out

ID: 4475

8. He Wanted To Be Completely Naked, Butt They Had To Compromise

ID: 4476

9. Why Won’t Abercrombie Just Let The Situation Be Great?

ID: 4478

10. He’s A Natural

ID: 4477

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