The Blobfish Is Officially The World’s Ugliest Animal

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society has named this gelatinous fish the world’s most “aesthetically challenged” animal.

1. This is a blobfish.

ID: 1633745

2. It is an ill favored viscous fish from the coasts of Australia and Tasmania.

ID: 1633756

3. The blobfish has downturned grumpy lips…

ID: 1633808

4. And enjoys drooling all over its pinkish body.

ID: 1633816

5. The blobfish looks like oozing jello from the sea…

ID: 1633825

6. That came from deep underwater seeking for love and acceptance.

ID: 1633836

7. But everyone seems to judge this poor thing.

ID: 1633856

8. Cheer up blobfish!

ID: 1633909

9. Your are not just another odd looking creature…

ID: 1633846

10. You are the World’s Ugliest Animal!

ID: 1633799

11. Chosen by almost 10,000 people.

ID: 1633867

12. Becoming the official mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society…

ID: 1633869

13. Dedicated to “raising the profile of Mother Nature’s more aesthetically challenged children.”


ID: 1633833

14. And they want to help preserve your kind from becoming an endangered species.

ID: 1633870

15. Like this guy over here…

ID: 1633872

16. Trying to mimic that charming dribble.

ID: 1633890

17. Congratulations to all the blobfish out there!

ID: 1633892

18. We love you!

ID: 1633851

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