24 Signs You’re A Latin American Living In The US

What have you gotten yourself into, mi amigo???

If you were born in any of these countries…

(With the exception of Spain).

ID: 1613137

And now happen to live in the US…

ID: 1613144

This post is dedicated to you, mi amigo!

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1. This is how you felt when you first got to the US…

Lots of excitement!

ID: 1613159

2. Although this was the look you got from the customs officer.

ID: 1613164

3. People have a hard time pronouncing your name properly…

ID: 1613170

4. And forget about even spelling it correctly.

And it will never happen! So go ahead and pick a nickname…

ID: 1613173

5. This happens when you try to kiss people on the cheek…

ID: 1613182

6. So you sharpened up your hand-shaking skills.

ID: 1613184

7. You never got used to the food…

And probably gained a lot of weight!

ID: 1613190

8. But discovered that junk food can replace every meal!

Nom Nom Nom!

ID: 1613195

9. Americans make fun of you whenever you mispronounce words…

ID: 1613199

10. But you make fun of them whenever they attempt to roll their R’s…

Next time ask them to say “ferrocarril” and enjoy it!

ID: 1613215

11. Or pretty much say anything in Spanish.

Poor Fab Our!

ID: 1613221

12. You are certain that America is not a country…

It’s a continent made up of 35 countries. Source.

ID: 1613234

13. But who cares… you’re an “alien” to them anyways!

ID: 1613257

14. You know this is the real football.

And have a hard time understanding american football.

ID: 1613261

15. You gave up on the metrication system…

Ounces? Inches? Miles? What the hell!

ID: 1613267

16. You miss speaking in Spanish so much.

ID: 1613287

17. You haven’t used this in a while.

Or these others: á, é, í, ó, ú…

ID: 1613292

18. You miss sweet popcorn.

So you might wanna try kettle corn.

ID: 1613283

19. You are so excited about Christmas during winter time.

Santa’s outfit finally makes sense (to all of us located in the Southern Hemisphere)!

ID: 1613345

20. You have the bad habit of converting prices to your country’s currency…

And realize that everything is freaking expensive!

ID: 1613299

21. But dollars are worth so much more back in your country!

And you are suddenly rich!

ID: 1613330

22. People think we all do siestas…


ID: 1613353

23. Or that we all wear sombreros…


ID: 1613361

24. And if you speak in Spanish they immediately think you are Mexican.

Nope, there are like 20 countries were Spanish is the official language… Source.

ID: 1613374

So even though you miss your friends…

ID: 1613381

And miss your family…

ID: 1613383

You know you’ve made the right decision!

God Bless Latin Americans!

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