Guide To Having The Best 4/20 Ever

It’s crucial to celebrate this hallowed day the right way. Here’s how.

1. Look at this. This is NOT an animated gif. Whoa:

ID: 236979

2. Think about snacks:

Appropriate amount of bacon to lettuce/tomato in a BLT.

ID: 243685

Apple caramel nachos

ID: 236920

Put a cookie on a cupcake? OKAY.

ID: 243179

6. Give your cat some catnip:

ID: 237084

9. Get into a lively and stimulating intellectual debate:

ID: 243033


ID: 237275

15. Do This to a Dollar Bill

Tee hee doesn’t it feel fun stickin’ it to the man? Think about it… what if we lived in a world where we didn’t have to use this stupid paper currency and people could just like, get along and share and stuff? Makes you think, dude.

ID: 242871

17. Help out your friend and let her use your head to roll a joint:

ID: 242921

18. Remember to be courteous and polite:

ID: 243112

19. And if anyone gives you any hassle, just tell them:

ID: 242985

21. Think about Outer Space. It’s just OUT THERE, you know?

ID: 243199

26. DON’T get paranoid!

ID: 243645

30. WHEW. Get your mind off that by watching some cartoons:

ID: 243339

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