A Seussian Ode To Meryl Streep

For those of us who will watch her in anything and everything because MERYL STREEP.

1. That Meryl Streep! That Meryl Streep! I do like that Meryl Streep!

ID: 842410

2. I would watch her here or there.

ID: 842414

3. I would watch her anywhere.

ID: 842417

4. I would watch her in a house.

ID: 842428

5. I would watch her on a mouse.

ID: 842436

6. I would watch her in a box.

ID: 842440

7. I would watch her as a fox.

ID: 842442

8. I would, I could in a car.

ID: 842445

9. I would like her in a tree.

ID: 842449

10. A train! A train! I could, I would on a train.

ID: 842450

11. Say! In the dark? Here in the dark! I would, I could in the dark!

ID: 842452

12. I would, I could in the rain.

ID: 842453

13. I would watch her with a goat.

ID: 842455

14. I would, I could on a boat.

ID: 842456

15. She is so good, so good, you see!

ID: 842457

16. I do so like that Meryl Streep.

ID: 842459

17. Thank you! Thank you, Meryl Streep!

ID: 842460

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