The Stages Of Life After Graduation

Welcome to the roller coaster of emotions.

1. So you just graduated! Congratulations!

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2. But this is how it is really about to feel…

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3. First, you move back in with your parents…

and they still just don’t understand you.

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4. You contemplate going to grad school…

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5. But quickly give up on that idea.

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6. It’s time to get reacquainted with naps

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7. You will join a bar volley ball team with a sexual innuendo name

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8. Then have your mom pick you up from the bar

because you are a responsible college graduate, remember?

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9. And she even did all your laundry!

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10. Next, you get a job at the same old crappy restaurant you used to work at…

but you soon realize you are better then this.

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11. So you get an internship…

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12. but, its unpaid.

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13. You don’t know where to go from here

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14. And your first student loan bill comes

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15. All you want to do is cry and bang your head against a wall

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16. Next, you decide to try and get back in shape…

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17. But it’s hard because you eat real meals again at your parents’ house

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18. Soon you realize that you talk to your pet more than anyone else in the house

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19. But then it all falls apart; you get cut off

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20. and you have to move out…

and live in basically the same broken down house you lived in when you were in college.

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21. So your parents take you out to dinner

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22. and you think, hey, it’s not so bad…

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23. You realize, you can handle anything

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24. So come at me dark cruel world!

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25. Take your best shot!

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26. You got this!

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27. So good luck out there!

You can do it!

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