Can You Identify This Band Without The Lead Singer?

Sometimes a band is only as good as its front man. Answers at the bottom! Don’t cheat!

1. Let’s start with an easy one.

ID: 1221677

2. No? Okay how about this one?

Alright maybe it is harder then we thought…

ID: 1221679

3. But this current pop/rock band is obvious.

ID: 1221687

4. These guys look more like they would paint your house don’t they?

ID: 1221728

5. To be honest, you might not recognize the singer of this band, but they just collected a couple of Grammy’s.

ID: 1221731

6. These are not insurance salesmen. I promise they are in a famous band.

ID: 1221734

7. You can probably recognize this bands by at least one other member.

ID: 1221738

8. And for sure this one. You know that painted-up guitarist, don’t you?

ID: 1221744

9. And that bassist had nude pics on the internet a few years ago.

ID: 1221746

10. At this point the guitarist on the right is more liked then his no-showing once lead singer.

ID: 1221749

11. And finally, just for fun, we take it to the 90’s.

No, not Everclear. It’s not RATM either. It is a group that is near and dear to our hearts, and we all sure miss this “All Star” lead singer.

ID: 1221760

How did you do? Here are the answers:

1. Nickleback
2. Creed
3. Maroon 5
4. Foo Fighters
5. Fun.
6. Rush
7. Aerosmith
8. Limp Bizkit
9. Fall Out Boy
10. Guns n’ Roses
11. Smash Mouth

ID: 1221772

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