Resolutions We’ve Already Broken

We’re only one month into 2014 but it seems like a million years ago that we made those hopeful promise to ourselves before we smooched our love ones at midnight. If we’re gonna be honest, most of us have already cheated, loosened or straight up gave up on our resolutions.

1. Quit smoking.

What do you mean by “quit”?

2. Eat less.

But, cheese.

3. Work out more.

Starting a new routine when the gyms are at their most packed and annoying is not exactly motivating.

4. Read a book per month.

But Sherlock is back!

5. Quit drinking.

Gotta stay warm in this crazy winter some how!

6. Get out of debt.

Yea, none of that credit card cash went towards credit card debt, did it?

7. Cut out caffeine.

Quickly discovered: Without caffeine, there are no morning times.

8. Eh, who cares. This year is still gonna be awesome!

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