14 Tips On How To Live Your Life From Don Draper

Don Draper is really cool. You might be pretty cool too. But chances are, you’re not as cool as Don Draper.

1. Don Draper on children:

2. Don Draper on thanking your employees:

3. Don Draper on whining:

4. Don Draper on alcohol:

5. Don Draper on water:

6. Don Draper on milk:

7. Don Draper on why he likes going to the movies:

8. Don Draper on having his time wasted:

9. Don Draper on hypocrisy:

10. Don Draper on your cooking:

11. Don Draper on your feelings:

12. Don Draper on your girlfriend:

13. Don Draper on love:

14. Don Draper on women (with a little help from his good pal, Roger Sterling):

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