Top 10 3D Pumpkin Carvings…in The World

This year’s TOH Pumpkin Carving Contest over at showcased some of the best 3D, sculptural carvings we’ve ever seen. If they don’t knock your socks off, thennn you’re probably not wearing any socks. -Tabitha Sukhai,

1. From Outer Space

Carved by Jon N., West Hills , CA
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2. 1200-Pound Pumpkin

Carved by Len C., Highlands, NJ
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3. Shy Pumpkin

Carved by Michael B., Ozark, MO
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4. Demon Pumpkin

Carved by Clive C., Vancouver, BC
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5. Grumpy Gourd

Carved by Michael B., Ozark, MO
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6. Pumpkin Head

Carved by Danny K., Newville , PA
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7. Peek-a-BOO

Carved by Michael B., Ozark, MO
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8. Good Things, Small Packages

Carved by Lenny C., Highlands, NJ
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9. Hatching Dragon

Carved by Jeff B., Exton, PA
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10. Hatchet Man

Carved by Deane A., Reynoldsburg, OH
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