13 Signs You’d Suck In A Disaster

When the end of the world comes, you’ll probably still be on your couch. What better way to go?! Check out This Is The End on Blu-ray and Digital to see how it might go down.

1. You’re surprisingly uncoordinated.

It’s surprising because at first you seem really coordinated.

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2. And really bad at fleeing.

Which is literally an instinct, just maybe not for you.

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3. You also lose your nerve when faced with danger.

…but danger always wins.

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4. And you don’t care when it’s go-time. You prefer to sleep.


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5. You prefer sleeping so much, you do it literally anywhere.

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Such as on your getaway vehicle.

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6. Meaning, manning the info hub would be a no-go for you.

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AKA, you simply cannot be relied on to do anything of true value in the end times.

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7. There is NO chance you can handle food rations.

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Stockpiling food equals eating all of your favorite snacks in one sitting.

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8. Also, getting up is not your favorite.

In fact, it’s your least favorite—so you just don’t do it.

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9. And your disguise techniques are laughably unprofessional.

ibelihlie / Via instagram.com

Trying to be someone else will not save your soul.

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10. Even when you think you’re the man, you’re still totally unlucky.

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11. Also, this is you when looking fear in the eye.


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12. And your planning skills are really questionable.

Or, perhaps you just don’t give a f*$@.

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13. End of the world? Meh.

Does not caring make you the worst in a disaster or actually THE BEST?

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Watch This Is The End on Blu-ray and Digital.

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