These Dogs Are Ready For Thanksgiving

None of these dogs look happy, but that doesn’t mean they are any less cute!

1. Here are two buddies hoping this photo session will end soon

ID: 705181

2. It takes a lot of effort to pose and still look like you don’t care

ID: 705182

3. Scared his crush will see this picture on Facebook on his Moms feed

ID: 705183

4. Indian and Pilgrim

ID: 705184

5. Dog just posted on Twitter that he’s looking for a new family

ID: 705185

6. He knows there’s a treat coming, just not soon enough

ID: 705186

7. Why would someone even make this?

ID: 705187

8. This would be my holiday card picture for the rest of my life

ID: 705189

9. He knows where you sleep and you can see that on his face

ID: 705190

10. Good move, now he can deny it was him

ID: 705191

11. These two Indians have no idea what the Pilgrim is plotting…

ID: 705203

12. Hopefully the girls at school don’t see this one

ID: 705193

13. And Now Dogs Eating Turkey!

Because that’s what you really came here for

ID: 705195

14. And a cute puppy taking advantage of no one sitting at the table

ID: 705192

15. Spotted!

ID: 705196

16. Fall off the edge. FALL OFF THE EDGE!!!!

ID: 705197

17. So close!!!!

ID: 705198

18. I’m gunna do it, I’m not waiting for them

ID: 705199

19. You forgot the gravy?

ID: 705208

20. And please have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

…and give your dog some tasty turkey

ID: 705206

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