The Ten Theme Songs Anyone Born In The 80s Must Know My Heart

Now tell everyone who wasn’t born in the ’80s how much they missed out.

1. Full House (Extended Cut)

ID: 686999

2. Family Matters (I don’t know if that’s a sneeze in the beginning or not)

ID: 687002

3. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

ID: 687004

4. Hang Time (Not the crappy first season one either)

ID: 687006

5. Doug (Not many words but, c’mon, you know it)

ID: 687009

6. Rocko’s Modern Life

ID: 687010

7. Saved by the Bell

ID: 687011

8. Rugrats (Again, no words but you’ll be humming it all day)

ID: 687012

9. Friends (Bonus points if you name the band!)

ID: 687013

10. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Full theme, with insane guitar solo!)

ID: 687014

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