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    • thesavvyblackbird

      If someone tries to abduct you in a crowded parking lot, DON’T get in the car. The chances of them shooting or stabbing you in the middle of the day in public is pretty slim. Your chances of surviving when taken to an alternate location drop so significantly, that you’re better of being shot or stabbed in public—your chances of getting medical help are much higher. If someone carjacks you or hides in your car to abduct you, crash your car. Again, don’t go with them to wherever they want to go—if you get there, they have an increased advantage. Pistols are not very accurate after 10-15 feet—especially for someone who doesn’t know how to use one. Also, using your name and letting your abductor see you as a person makes it much harder for them to hurt you. Sadly, in America, the bad guys aren’t going to give up their weapons. Why should law abiding people become sitting ducks?