Top Secret Places On Google Maps

We thought they were just regular pictures from Apple maps—but it turns out they’re blocked out, top secret locations from google maps.

Location: Royal Palace of Amsterdam in the Netherlands
The freaky deaky Dutch royal family doesn’t want people spying on them from space, apparently.

Location: The Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Location: Tantauco National Park, Chile
If this park weren’t blurred out on google maps, poachers could locate where all the cute little endangered species are hiding and Buzzfeed wouldn’t be able to make as many cute slideshows :(

Location: Keowee Dam, South Carolina
It’s a damn…in South Carolina.

Parts Unknown, Russia.
There are three candidates for what this place might represent:
1. Giant turd.
2. The freezer where they saved Hitler’s brain.
3. Portal to Westeros/Azeroth/Middle Earth/[Insert fictional universe].

Location: Minami Torishima Airport, Japan
Maybe this is where they conceptualize and animate all the hentai?

Location: The Michael Aaf Building, Utah
Weapons testing facility. Remember the ooze from the Ninja Turtles movie and the anti-cartoon acid from Roger Rabbit? That’s right, it came from here.

Location: Cornell University Combined Heat and Power Plant, New York
Cornell FINALLY has something the “real” ivy league schools don’t: A blocked out google maps location.

Location: Babylon, Iraq
Are they sure it doesn’t really look like this?

Location: Vlissingen, The Netherlands

It’s actually not supposed to be blurred out; they used a screenshot from Apple maps by mistake.

(h/t), Anonymous.

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