This Is How You Make An Ice Rink

Not for DYI purposes.

1. You lay down a bunch of tubes in the desired shape (usually a ring or an oval works best for an ice rink, naturally).

ID: 805436

Tubes at a bigger ice rink.

ID: 805451

4. Then fill the tubes with magic liquid.

ID: 805438

5. The liquid is Propylene Glycol

ID: 805439

6. It’s pretty important. If you don’t have it, this could be you:

ID: 805458

The science behind it is complicated. Let’s just say that it helps keep the ice really, really cold (read a bit more here).

ID: 805444

Another rink using a pink variant.

ID: 805460

9. Confused? Here’s a helpful diagram.

ID: 805473

10. Now, just start pumping in water and freeze!

ID: 805446

Ice rink chiller. A bit too advanced to use in your backyard.

ID: 805462

14. Last Step: Enjoy!

ID: 805468

So should you!

ID: 805469


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