The Cutest Mollusks On The Internet

Think squids, and snails, and crabs aren’t cute? Think again.

Cute purple octopus!

ID: 223045

Crab that looks like it was drawn in an overly-happy 1930’s Disney cartoon.

ID: 223053 / Via http://(photo%20by%20David%20Shale%20and%20Claire%20Nouvian)


ID: 223054 / Via http://Image%20taken%20at%20the%20California%20Academy%20of%20Sciences.


ID: 223058 / Via http://photo%20by%20Rokus%20Groeneveld

Rave squid.

ID: 223060 / Via http://Photo%20source:%20Frank%20Peters


ID: 223062

Looks like the jellyfish from Super Mario Bros.

ID: 223063

World’s happiest mollusk!

ID: 223065

Crouching tiger, hidden octopus.

ID: 223068

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