29 Signs You Didn’t Do Any Extracurricular Activities As A Kid

We weren’t dance kids. We weren’t cheerleaders. In a world of 31 flavors, we were the cup of water they rinsed the scoops in.

1. You were upset that BuzzFeed hadn’t made a list about your childhood activities.

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2. Every day after school you came home to get acquainted with an old friend called television.

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3. You watched Nick in the Afternoon so much that you can remember Stick Stickly’s address.

ID: 1232679

4. This thing was the apex of your musical career.

ID: 1232763

5. You tried playing sports but this happened.

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6. It didn’t bother you much though because while some kids were busy catching baseballs, you were busy catching all 151 pokemon.

ID: 1232801

7. You tried doing art but this happened.

ID: 1232697

8. You were frequently left alone when your friends had to go practice for football/wrestling/dance, etc.

ID: 1232694

9. You spent an unhealthy amount of time on Nick.com…

ID: 1232767

10. or playing Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort…

ID: 1232769

11. Or looking up cheat codes on the Internet (and hoping one of your parents didn’t pick up the phone).

ID: 1232771

12. While other kids were off doing their thing, you were playing video games…

ID: 1232708

13. making friends with a bear and bird…

ID: 1232712

14. a bandicoot…

ID: 1232713

15. And a bunch of other virtual characters.

ID: 1232719

16. Your idea of an extracurricular activity was spending an extra minute or two on the school playground.

ID: 1232722

17. You spent hours after school trying to create MS paint masterpieces.

ID: 1232728

18. You were very defensive when someone dissed your afternoon TV lineup.

ID: 1232731

19. You learned about tons of different myths from watching a giant, talking head every weekday after you got home.

ID: 1232737

20. You had no idea what the other kids were doing at things like Brownies

ID: 1232755

21. Sometimes you felt bad that you didn’t do much with your time.

ID: 1232778

22. But then you remember all the fun you had watching this guy…

ID: 1232781

23. and these guys.

ID: 1232784

24. And you remember just being a regular, stress-free kid in general.

ID: 1232788

25. Because you never had to worry about messing up a dance move.

ID: 1232804

26. Or bombing at a concert.

ID: 1232806

27. Or embarrassing yourself and your family by messing up at the big game.

ID: 1232807

28. And even though people might criticize your upbringing by saying you didn’t develop any skills or crucial “life experience,” you don’t care. You had an awesome childhood!

ID: 1232791

29. And if people don’t like that, they can…

ID: 1232792

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