19 Reasons "Speed" Is One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time

Pop quiz, hot shots! There’s a BuzzFeed post about how Speed is an awesome movie. What do you do?

1. The plot.

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2. The witticisms!

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3. “Anything else that’ll keep this elevator from falling?” “Yeah. The basement.”

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4. “Poor people are crazy, Jack. I’m eccentric.”

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5. Because Keanu Reaves was something other than a clueless stoner for the first time in his career.

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6. The film’s sense of dark humor about the police force

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8. The movie’s brilliant foreshadowing. The above scene references a gold watch. The bomber (a retired cop) uses the gold watch given to him at his retirement as part of the bomb.

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9. Ortiz.

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10. There’s not a boring minute in the entire film.

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11. Gratuitous explosions.

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12. The adorable romance between Keanu Reaves and Sandra Bullock

(even though it doesn’t last)

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13. Because it taught me (and many other people, I’m sure) what those yellow barrels on the highway are for

They’re called impact attenuators. The specific one in Speed is called a Fitch Barrier.

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14. The simple yet epic movie poster that tells you exactly what your’e getting with this movie: Keanu Reaves, a bus, and explosions.

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15. This screencap of Dennis Hopper with purple stuff all over his face.

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16. Because, unlike in most action films, one of the main good guys actually dies.

R.I.P. Detective Harold Temple :(

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17. This scene.

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18. The antagonist gets decapitated after a fearsome fight in the subway. While not quite Red Wedding level, it was powerful stuff for the 90s.

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19. In summation, Speed is just INCREDIBLE. It has everything a person could want in an action movie!

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