12 Reasons Why The World Needs Rick Moranis To Come Back

We need him now more than ever!

1. Remember this guy?

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2. He’s Rick Moranis, one of the most notable comedic actors from the 1980’s and early-mid 1990’s.

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3. Unfortunately, he’s been missing for a while.

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4. Yes, missing!

He hasn’t acted in a major live-action film since Little Giants in 1994 (or 1997 if you count the straight-to-video Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves—one of the most underrated straight-to-video Disney movies ever).

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5. The world still longs for Moranis’ return, and so it should. We need him back something fierce! Why?

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6. He can help us shrink the national debt!

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7. He can teach us to flaunt what eating Taco Bell does to our guts, not be ashamed of it.

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8. He can break the ice at parties by suggesting that the guests play board games.

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9. He can teach the youth that it’s still possible for the underdog to “get the girl”—and how to kiss said girl passionately.

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12. He’ll get us in touch with our spirit animals.

His is apparently a demonic dog.

ID: 962949

13. He can show us that it’s perfectly normal to be afraid sometimes, whether its because of a ghost…

ID: 962982

14. or a dentist’s drill.

ID: 963012

15. He can show a beleaguered world that it’s still okay to fantasize about what might be (or have been)

ID: 962946

16. And that action figures are cool no matter what age you are.

ID: 962956

17. His insights will be invaluable to America’s children.

ID: 962970

18. He’ll get us to smile at work by making faces at our hated bosses/managers/overlords.

ID: 963000

19. His ways will show us that it’s alright to tell someone off every now and then.

ID: 963018

20. He’ll help get rid society’s smart phone addiction.

ID: 962959

21. He’ll dispel the bleakness of modern culture by teaching us about hope!

“One time…”

ID: 962963

22. So that’s why we NEED Rick Moranis to come back…

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